Paul Baptist (kaji_sensei) wrote,
Paul Baptist

Favorite proverbs or sayings?

Conducting a second weekly collaboration project on LingWiki, this week's theme is proverbs and sayings!

Each language has its own unique sayings and phrases that give it life and color. This week's collaboration is aimed at building a collection of them across a variety of languages. While being a native speaker of the language the saying comes from is helpful, it's not necessary for this week's collab.

For each phrase you contribute, please include at least the saying written out in its native script and a translation. Ideally, a romanization of non-Latin scripts (writing systems that don't use the English alphabet, essentially) should be included, as well as an explanation of the proverb's deeper meaning and a list of headwords under which the phrase could be added. If you wish to provide a handwriting sample by writing it/them out, feel free to do that as well.

For example...

Saru mo ki kara ochiru. (Even monkeys fall from trees. Even experts make mistakes.)

Headwords: 猿 (saru, monkey), 木 (ki, tree), 落ちる (ochiru, [to fall)

As always, feel free to log into the wiki itself and add your contribution to the appropriate articles or ask how in LingWiki's help forum.

Thanks to all who contribute!


If you weren't there when the first weekly collaboration took place, you can still participate! A thread has been posted here so that it can continue.

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