Paul Baptist (kaji_sensei) wrote,
Paul Baptist

Collab of the Week: Numbers!

Welcome to this week's collaboration project on LingWiki! This week's theme is numbers!

Just the numbers 1 through 10 is fine, though if you can provide higher numbers as well it would be great! For example:

1 - một
2 - hai
3 - ba
4 - bốn
5 - năm
6 - sáu
7 - bảy
8 - tám
9 - chín
10 - mười

Multiples and powers of 10 are useful as well, so feel free to add in any other numbers as you see fit.

If you're feeling ambitious and don't mind letting your work be used on the site, recordings of how to pronounce the numbers properly would be great as well! In the interest of convenience for all involved, recording them as one file is fine; I have the software to break it into separate files for use on the site. Please indicate what you would like to be credited as in your post if you post any audio files.

Thanks to all who contribute!

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